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Data: 10/11/2023 - Categoria: Rivendita componenti

Europort 2023

Our team recently embarked on a visit to Europort exhibition, a leading maritime exhibition that serves as a platform for showcasing and exploring the latest advancements in the naval industry


Parmafluid peoples engaged with industry leaders, gaining insights into cutting-edge technologies and forging valuable connections.

This exhibition provided a comprehensive overview of innovations in hydraulic systems, essential for marine applications. The team, enriched by networking opportunities, deepened its understanding of market trends and emerging opportunities in the ever-evolving maritime sector. Our participation not only strengthened professional relationships but also equipped the team with knowledge crucial for staying at the forefront of the maritime and naval business landscape.

For the hydraulics sector, Europort 2023 provided a unique opportunity to present systems, equipment and solutions.



Hydraulic systems play a pivotal role in the maritime and naval sector due to their efficiency, reliability, and versatility and are crucial for various marine applications:

  • Power and Control: they are used to transmit power and control the movement of essential components in marine machinery. This includes functions such as steering mechanisms, crane operations, and cargo handling on ships.
  • Safety and Precision: The precision and controllability offered by hydraulic systems are vital in ensuring the safety and accuracy of maritime operations. From controlling the movement of ship components to managing heavy loads, hydraulics contribute to precise and secure maneuvers.
  • Lifting and Positioning: Hydraulic systems are commonly used in marine cranes and lifting equipment. They provide the necessary power and control for lifting and positioning heavy loads, facilitating efficient cargo handling.
  • Reduced Mechanical Complexity: Compared to purely mechanical systems, they often offer a more streamlined and compact solution. This is particularly valuable in the confined spaces of ships, where minimizing weight and space usage is critical.
  • Durability in Harsh Conditions: The marine environment exposes equipment to corrosive saltwater and extreme weather conditions. Hydraulic systems properly designed exhibit durability and resilience in such challenging surroundings.


We offer both standard and customized power units for naval/marine field. Our know-how includes offshore, over the deck and ship-board powerpacks with a high degree of protection, also certified in collaboration with the best known international bodies (American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas Group, China Classification Society, DNV, Lloyd's Register

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