C.matic Official Distributor

Parmafluid is not only a distributor of hydraulic components but also of C.MATIC pneumatic fittings:

  • AUTOMATIC FITTINGS IN NICKEL PLATED BRASS: they allow to make quick connections of calibrated plastic pipes in every point of a pneumatic system; available in a wide range from ø3 mm to ø14 mm with conical and cylindrical threads from M3 to 1/2 ”.
  • AUTOMATIC FITTINGS IN STAINLESS STEEL: made entirely of AISI316L with FPM gaskets, they are particularly suitable for applications in corrosive environments, to convey aggressive fluids or in general for use in the chemical and food industry.
  • AUTOMATIC FITTINGS IN ACETAL RESIN: the acetal resin (POM) gives these fittings lightness associated with rigidity, resistance to fatigue and corrosion making them a valid alternative to the brass fitting