Tokyo Keiki

Tokyo Keiki Official Distributor

TOKYO KEIKI hydraulic control systems are characterized by high energy savings and controllability. The Japanese company specializes in the development of high-pressure, large-displacement, low-noise hydraulic products that incorporate special control features and boast unparalleled environmental compatibility.


Parmafluid, as Tokyo Keiki Official Distributor, has access to competitive supply conditions on the Tokyo Keiki range of hydraulic valves, including:

  • CETOP 3 ON-OFF SOLENOID VALVES: a commonly used valve represented with a quality solution at extremely competitive prices to meet specific market needs.
  • COMNICA VALVES: This unique solenoid directional valve with onboard microprocessor can also regulate the flow, making hydraulic control possible without the need for complex circuits.
  • PROPORTIONAL SOLENOID VALVES and DIGITAL VALVES: Tokyo Keiki proportional solenoid valves offer high speed and pressure control capability and exceptional repeatability, key attributes for precision control of machinery.