Dana Brevini

Dana Brevini Official Distributor

Dana Motion Systems produces a range of hydraulic and electronic components which, together with mechanical transmissions, meet the needs of both the mobile and stationary industrial world in terms of working functions.


Together, the proposals Dana Spicer Drivetrain Systems and Dana Brevini Motion Systems make Dana the only provider of off-highway / industrial solutions capable of managing the energy required for both vehicle movement and fundamental drives.


Dana Motion Systems is the hydraulic division of Dana Off-Highway Motion and Drive Technologies, and is the result of Dana's acquisition of Brevini's fluid power business. 



Brevini Fluid Power was born in 2003 from the union of several companies active in the hydraulic sector for over forty years. The challenge began in 1973 with the birth of SamHydraulik and in 1974 with Hydr-APP; developing in the following decades with Aron and Brevini Hydraulics. The product range was completed with the acquisition first of the VPS of Bologna and then of the OT OilTechnoloy of Parma.


In 2009 there was the last major acquisition of BPE, which allowed Brevini Fluid Power to also supply electronic controls.


Dana Motion Systems has its divisional headquarters in Reggio Emilia, is divided into several production units in Europe and China and can count on a strong direct presence at global level thanks to its Service and Assembly Centers, which ensure maximum proximity to customers.